Invictus K600 RS

Kratki opis

Isodiametric tractors, monodirectional, with steering wheels. 26 or 35.6 HPInvictus K300 | K400 RS are new design tractors produced to satisfy the requirements of hobby-farmers and small farms specialised in growing in greenhouses, nurseries, small rows of vines and poultry holdings. Compactness, maneuverability and limited weight allow the Invictus K300 | K400 RS to work in complete safety both on flat and uneven, sloping grounds. The double ellipsoidal lights integrated in the bonnet give the tractor a particularly refined look. Two Kubota engines are available for the Invictus: a 26 HP three cylinder engine (Invictus K300) and a 35.6 HP four cylinder engine (Invictus K400), both with indirect injection and natural aspiration.

Tehničke specifikacije

The transmission of Invictus K600 is fitted with the OS-FRAME chassis. The structure with cantilevered engine allows for a very low centre of gravity without sacrificing ground clearance. A joint in the middle of the machine lets the front axle oscillate up to 15°with respect to the rear axle, for excellent stability on slopes. The 24-speed synchronised gearbox (12 FWD + 12 REV) with synchronized reverser allows for optimal use of the Invictus K600, fuel economy and a better quality of work. The 'Long Life' clutch is multidisc in oil bath and requires no maintenance. The Invictus K600 are equipped with planetary gear axles to minimize wheelbase of the tractor and increase its manoeuvrability. The machine has a permanent 4-wheel drive, The rear PTO is independent from the gearbox and synchronized with all progress speeds. PTO can be engaged by an electro-hydraulic control, it has a speed of 540/540E rpm. The clutch is multidisc in oil bath. The solid rear hydraulic lift by rams (optional with position and draft control) relies on multi-purpose practical and versatile couplings to adapt quickly and easily to all marketed equipments. The hydraulic system consists of a double circuit with two independent pumps: one of 22,1 l/min dedicated to the lift and distributors, the other of 16,8 l/min dedicated to the hydroguide and electro-hydraulic control. As optional a 33,1 l/min oversize pump with heat stabilizer is available. A joy stick with electronic control, placed on the right arm rest of the operator, is used to control both the hydraulic system and the rear lift with a single device.

Specifikacije po modelu

Invictus K600 RS K600
Snaga 35,2 / 45 KW/HP
Nominalna brzina 2800 rpm
Broj cilindara 4
Zapremnina 2197 cm3
Aspiracija Atmosferska
Max. okr. moment 144,6 / 1700 (Nm/rpm)